Thursday, 24 May 2012

A dress fit for Marilyn Monroe

A couple of months ago there was an exhibition on at the Getty Gallery displaying pictures of Marilyn Monroe and more importantly some of her dresses!

I think some of you may have guessed by the name of this blog that I am a huge fan of Marilyn's movies, I probably know every word to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend is my signature karaoke tune.

So of course when an opportunity came to see her dresses I was straight down to the gallery. It was a very small exhibition but had some wonderful pictures, many of which I hadn't seen before, and the costumes included some of her iconic outfits and there were a few of Marilyn's own dresses that she wore to events.

My aunt and I quickly discussed which ones we could fit into and which ones we would secretly try on if we worked in the gallery and we were the only ones there... come on ladies we all would!

I also think this would be a perfect time to put all these debates on whether Marilyn was a size 12-14 or not to bed.... Yes she was a size 12-14, but a 1950s size 12-14, which is about a modern size 8 to possibly a 10.
As you can see from these photos she was pretty tiny! I also know she wasn't a modern size 14 as when I worked in a Vintage shop in London they had had a dress for sale that had been worn by Marilyn, which eventually sold for around £4000 I believe. Oh to have such a dress!
The measurements for that dress were about 36-24-36, so definitely curvy but petite.

Hopefully that will put to bed the constant conversations I hear on Marilyn's size and now we can just stare in awe at her fabulous figure...

Look how tiny she was!!

The black dress was worn by Marilyn to an evening event and the corset showgirl outfit was for a photoshoot

The cream dress I can't remember what it was worn for but the red one is a dress she wore in Niagra - a great movie showcasing a darker and more serious side to her acting.

The black dress was again worn to an event and I just love the ruched waist, the costume next to it is the one from Bus Stop.

Here I am reading about my favourite costume the one from the opening number from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes!

Closer look at the Bus Stop costume

I love this one! From the movie There's No Business Like Show Business

I'd never seen this picture before and her hair is just amazing in it - must try this soon

And here is one of the dresses in action!

Miss Turnstiles xx


  1. lovely! j'adore monroe <3

  2. I recently read an interesting article about Marilyn Monroe and the dress she wore on the night she sang "Happy Birthday Mr President" for JFK. Quite remarkable.

    By the way, I've given you the One Lovely Blog award over at my blog, here. Congratulations!

  3. Hello dear =)
    I just found your blog now and I'm loving it.
    Everything about it breathes vintage and you are very very beautiful.
    I also have a blog, so if you want to take a peek and want to follow my page, feel it is a pleasure.

    P.S.Sorry my bad English.

    With love
    Miss Lil'Susie <3

  4. you're a lucky girl ! i love Marilyn .


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