Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Balcony Modern Homes

With the surrounding natural environment, house balcony that stood in Madrid, Spain was able to get an amazing aura of both indoor and outdoor sides. A-cero designers utilize the breadth of open space and the height of the wooden structure that closes this house. Spaciousness is enhanced by the large amount of natural light from large windows that exist at all levels, both in the private area and beyond. You can see straight lines and curves in the design of this house. The house is equipped with a swimming pool in a giving mood when holiday villa.
This modern home has a total area of ​​952 m2 consisting of three floors. With a minimalist interior that also has a futuristic touch. Even the futuristic look of the exterior on one side. The furniture in the house with the best adapted to suit the preferences of home design. You can also see the use of LED lights that increase the home's architecture by creating a line that frames the space house.

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