Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Examples of Minimalist Luxury Home Design Type 70 and Its Plan

Luxury homes with a minimalist type 70 is a minimalist type homes larger than 45 types of course. Home with this type of over-demand by the upper classes because this type of minimalist luxury homes require substantial funds to build it. With ruangang wider plus more elegant design become main lure for lovers of this type of minimalist home.
The price offered for this minimalist luxury house also arguably among the affordable price compared to other luxury homes. With the advantages of large spaces, of course we will be able to move in the house with very comfortable.

Land should be prepared to build a luxury home minimalist type 70 is, in general, about 14 × 9 square meters. With the design of the window is at the front of the house, it will make the air and light so easy to enter the circulation can be maintained. In addition, higher ceilings are also designed so that the room does not feel stuffy. Lots of pictures this type of minimalist luxury house that you can get as a reference before making or buying a home.

This minimalist house type on average has three bedrooms, a family room fruit, the fruit of a living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and veranda. To build this type of occupancy typically costs around 100 to 150 million without furniture. However, these costs may change, adjust material prices and labor costs when you build it. And you need to know the price is not including the price of land, if you have an area of ​​14 × 9 square meters, maybe you could build a luxury home minimalist type 70's.

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