Wednesday, September 18, 2013

House Plan Type 60 1 Floor And 2nd Floor

House plan type 60 is not too difficult because of the type of occupancy by 60 occupancy relatively large. Type 0 for the home can be built in various sizes such as 6 x 10 or 8 x 7,5. 60 This type of home may be less much-loved and was developed by the developer company. Though this type of house is quite spacious dwelling type that suits you may have a lot of family members.

Occupancy of type 60 can be built in one floor, two floors, even three floors. It depends on your needs and requirements. construct a dwelling with a floor plan type 60 you can actually do yourself. In making house plan type 60 there are a few things you should pay attention to. Include the following:

     Available budget. Make sure that the available budget is enough to construct a dwelling with type 60. This will affect the selection of exterior, nterior and furniture you need.
     Type and residential concept. Before making house plan type 60, which will determine the residential concept you wake up. Is modern minimalist concept, or want to build a common house type. But now, the 60 types of residential development with a modern minimalist design. Selection of modern minimalist concept much in demand as more than just a functional element emphasizes promoting and decorating interior problems alone. Once you know what kind of concept would you wake up, you can begin to think about the type of plan you dream 60.
     Measure carefully. Carefully measure the area of ​​land and buildings which will you decide to start building. Carefully at the area of ​​each room and how spacious the house that you will use, whether the 6 x 10 or 8 x 7.5.

Once you consider those three things, then you can begin to make a house plan type 60 before you build it. Here's one of the 60 types of house plans that can be your reference.

1st floor. To the 1st floor, you can make a house plan type 60 to build a living room, carport, bathroom, dining room, family room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms with one bedroom and one guest bedroom maid (optional). You can build 2 side garden, which is on the front side and the back side of your dwelling. bedrooms are located on the front can be a guest bedroom. Occupancy while the other side, can be constructed living room, dining room, kitchen and back porch.
2nd floor. To the second floor, you can make a house plan type 60 to build 3 pieces of bedroom, a bathroom and a nice balcony on the back side of the house or the front of the house. Residential development with 60-story floor plan type 2 is optional.

2 In addition to the floor plan type housing 60 above the following can you make reference to you in making a modern minimalist house design type 60 good manufacturing minimalist house 1st floor and 2nd floor.

Pictured above is the type of house plans for 60 other drawings in the manufacture of a minimalist home, previously we have posted a simple example of the latest minimalist house plans and house plans simple example. For house plan type 60 may be useful!
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