Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ideal Home Design

The Minimalist - When talking about the dream home can certainly all want, a dwelling that is sure to be a dream for you to have with your family. Expression of the dream house into a dream home of every individual is not without foundation, it is still a lot of searching on the model home dream house dream like images simple, minimalist, modern contemporary in 2013 until the park dream house.
Ideal Home Design Latest Variety Variety dream home search on the model found also on the house because the judgment in each individual desire is not the same, because they dream that occupancy is also different, depending on the interests and personality of each. So that a variety of models that are ideal in a variety of home design magazines and home design sites may not necessarily be able to satisfy the tastes of every seeker. The reason is also interesting Minimalist iRumah Team to offer inspiring examples that might be to your liking, there are two models of dream house that we will present in this article. The first house with the exterior design and interior architecture are quite luxurious and the second house with a modern minimalist concept that is so captivating. And following the example of the latest dream house design pictures in 2013 with the concept of luxurious modern minimalist our choice.
With the combination of wood, natural stone and concrete creates a unique home, very modern and luxurious. The dream house was very warm and friendly atmosphere that is characterized by transparency and openness. Lush garden area surrounding the house was describing a soothing natural shades. Ceiling tiles and patio with wood add a touch of simplicity, uniqueness that will inspire.
Dream home with a mix of minimalist and modern concept with the added touch of elegance makes it look so luxurious and amazing. Minimalist modern interiors offer natural light to enter the room and openness that connect out of the room, and the existence of a pool makes the house with a modern minimalist concept is getting looks so charming.

Which dream house design more interesting and inspiring? We hope the model example presented above can be useful and inspire you in determining the ideal home to suit your dreams.

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