Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Simple Minimalist House Architecture

Simple minimalist home architecture suitable for your partner want to have a simple and modest residential and minimalist. Selection of a minimalist style of choice , especially in urban areas with more narrow land . Simple minimalist with a simple residential development budget funds or cheaper . So for those of you who may have problems in terms of having a house , a dwelling with simple minimalist home architecture is a right choice. Simple here also contain elements of minimizing use of decorative yet to put forward a multifunctional use of the room.
Simple minimalist home architecture is not difficult to make your own . You simply do the calculations carefully and thoroughly . Measure carefully your land , and plan with architectural details of your simple minimalist home , ranging from building materials , each room , and the area of ​​each room .
Simple minimalist home , generally only have 2 to 3 bedrooms , 1 to 2 piece bathroom , a living room , family room , kitchen and dining room . With a land area ranging from 36m2 else you have to make your simple minimalist home . your simple minimalist house architecture was adjusted to taste and of course budget that you have .Minimalist House Architecture
Although your house is simple , but you should also pay attention to the architecture of your home . Simple minimalist home architecture are of different kinds . Modern minimalist architecture , minimalist classical and minimalist simple . If you want to build a residential home architecture minimalist simple , you simply create the building minimalistic exterior and interior then decorate it. if you want to build shelters with simple yet modern architecture , many examples of current housing using the architecture . If you want to build shelters with simple minimalist home design classic , you can add the wood on the ceiling above your patio and add a classic chandelier and traditional themed . This will add a traditional and classic impression . Architecture is not only the interior , but also the interior and exterior blend you use. For details simple minimalist home architecture with a variety of styles , the following more detailed review .

Simple minimalist home architecture modern style.

 Although simple, yet minimalist home architecture you can design the style that you want. For the simple minimalist modern style, you can see it through the kinds of modern minimalist home design today. By emphasizing the form of lines and angular shape of the house is a lot of contrast and color combination that showed the impression of modern minimalist. The use of a simple crystal chandelier will add a modern impression.

Simple minimalist architectural style classics.
Although your house is simple, but you can make it simple with a classic impression. In the interior, use a wooden chair on your patio or living room. Give bulkhead cupboard space in the form of wood and place it classic-style d├ęcor.
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