Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Minimalist and Simple House Interior

Having a comfortable little dwelling is certainly one of the dreams for you. A comfortable home can be a paradise that will make you feel comfortable in living your days with family. Indeed, today's small house becomes one of the dreams for the people behind the limitations of land that is now a problem that is quite complicated which sometimes becomes an obstacle for the community to have a house. However, if we talk about how to get a comfortable dwelling, then there are some things that are important enough to note. One of the most interesting things is the interior decoration. With beautiful interior decoration, we are confident that you will have a very comfortable room to live in. Well, look at some ideas for the interior of the tiny house below.

Examples of stunning little house interiors
Today, the idea of ​​a small home interior is certainly growing more rapidly. The number of interior decoration ideas that exist will make you become more flexible to choose which decor you want to apply. Well, with the various options, you can choose the idea of ​​decoration in accordance with the criteria. Indeed, there are some things that should be considered, such as the type of property, color and elements of arrangement especially when you only have a tiny room. What are the ideas for decorating your little house? Here's the full explanation!

Apply property type L

As has been said before, one of the important things that must be noticed in the interior of a small house is the arrangement of property. This is important to note because you only have enough space to narrow enough to include some properties that you want. One of the best solutions you can use is to apply properties with type L. This type is one of the best options especially for narrow space. The above example is the application of type L property in the kitchen decor. This decoration is quite unique because you will have enough space to cook. Additionally, add some hanging racks to maximize the upper kitchen space.

Focus on one side
One of the cool little home interior ideas you should try is to focus additional property setup on one side only. Yes, this is one very practical way to get enough space for you. By focusing the arrangement on one side, there is an unused space on the other side. This can be the right arrangement idea for your tiny room. However, the thing that can not be left is the selection of the right property. Choose a multipurpose property, such as a crib with a drawer or using a mounted rack to maximize the space above the wall. See one of the best examples on the picture.

Combine the two spaces

One of the problems often faced by those of you who own a small house is the lack of space to create some space. Well, for a small house interior, you do need a higher creativity in the element of spatial arrangement. In this case, one interesting idea that can be tried is to divide one space into two functions. This can be done to make the existing space in your home more effective for use. One example that is commonly used is to combine living room with living room or living room with a small dining room like the example above. You can apply this idea for a comfortable and more comfortable occupancy.

Maximize up space
As already discussed earlier that one of the best solutions in a small home interior is to take advantage of the space above that is in your room. This is because of the limitations of the lower space available in your home. By utilizing the space above that is in your home, of course you can organize your property in such a way more effectively. See an example in the picture. By applying a multilevel dip, you can already make 2 comfortable beds for your child. In addition, you can also apply a fairly high rack that is versatile.

Properties as needed

It is quite important that needs to be understood in the idea of ​​a small house interior is the selection of property for the interior. Comfort space will be greatly influenced by the type of property you use. However, as there is limited space in your house, then to choose the property you should be more selective. Do not put too much property in your narrow space because it will only make space very narrow and you will eventually feel uncomfortable. Use just enough properties. Realize that you have only limited space. Adding additional accessories is allowed only more on the functionality of the accessories.

Well, with some ideas related to the interior of the tiny house as described above, of course you do not need to be confused to set your property for the sake of a comfortable room. Select some of the above ideas and combine them with the interior decorating theme you want to apply in your home. Do not forget to play the color element in it!

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